How To Use Cutco Knife Sharpener: Get The Easiest Way

A sharp knife is a chef’s best friend. And to achieve sharpness, regular sharpening is really important. Many people use steel rods and other things for sharpening. 

But some may use a Cutco knife sharpener too. Especially if they use Cutco knives. But as it looks complicated to use, many people get confused. 

Let’s see how to use Cutco knife sharpener. 

Hold the sharpener with your non-dominant hand after placing it on a flat surface. Take a knife on the other hand. Place it in the sharpening slot at a 45o angle. Slide the knife towards you 5-7 times with a little pressure. Clean the knife and sharpener after you finish sharpening.

This is just a summary of the process for experts. As a beginner, you should know the full process first. Keep reading to know more. 

How To Use Cutco Knife Sharpener?

how to use cutco knife sharpener

So, do you sharpen Cutco knives? Yes, you need to sharpen Cutco knives. And to sharpen them, a Cutco knife sharpener is the best option. But the sharpener looks a little different than the other sharpeners, right? 

So, you may think it’s really complicated to use. But, trust me, it isn’t. By following just an easy method you can perform it by yourself. And it will take more or less 5 minutes. Let’s see how to use a Cutco knife sharpener. 

Step 1: Prepping The Knife 

Before starting with the sharpening, prepping the knife is important. You have to make sure the knife is fully clean. Clean all the grease and stuff from the knife by hand washing it. 

Step 2: Setting The Sharpener

Now that you are ready with your clean knife, set the sharpener. You have to place it on a flat surface. Also, ensure the surface is sturdy and there is no chance for the sharpener to slip. 

Now, the good news is that both left and right-handed people can use a Cutco sharpener. When placing the sharpener, turn the handle towards your non-dominant hand. 

Step 3: Placing The Knife

Now, firmly hold the knife with your dominant hand. And, place it into the sharpening slot, which is a “v-shaped” thing on the head. You have to place the heel of the knife blade first.

And tilt the knife at approximately 15o angles. 

Step 4: Sliding And Sharpening

Now, with light pressure, slide the knife towards you all the way to the tip. Again, place the knife’s hell on the V-shaped slot and slide it. You have to do it 5-7 times.  

Step 5: Refining The Edge

Although your knife is sharpened, there is some burr on the blade edges. To remove that, do the sliding process for 2-3 times more. But here, you have to lower the pressure to the minimum. 

That way the burr will be removed. And your knife is sharp as new. 

Here’s a tip. Always use a good cutting board while chopping or cutting. It will keep the knife sharp for a longer time. A rubberwood cutting board is a good option.

There’s another thing you have to do after sharpening with a Cutco sharpener. Which is cleaning. To know further, keep reading. 

How To Clean The Knife And Sharpener After Sharpening? 

Sharpening the knife involves rubbing a layer of steel. After sharpening there are many molecular sizes of steel powders in your knife and the sharpener. Cleaning these is very important. Because the steel powder can reach your food. 

Let’s see the cleaning process. 

Cleaning the Cutco sharpener:

After sharpening, turn over the sharpener and gently tap it to the surface. The extra powder will be removed. Then use a wet napkin to gently clean the sharpener slot. Also, clean the surface with a damp napkin. 

The Cutco sharpener is not suitable for the dishwasher. And it’s not watertight. 

Cleaning The Knife:

You have to handwash the knife too. Be careful while washing and drying the knife with a towel after that. 

So, this was the whole process of using a Cutco sharpener. 

Here’s something you need to remember if you are using Cutco knives. You have to sharpen the knives every 2-3 months. And once every year, take the knife for professional sharpening at Cutco. They provide lifetime free sharpening. 

Also, you have to hone the knife after every 2-3 uses. You can use a honing rod for this. But the ceramic and steel honing rods are different. They have different purposes. Many people don’t know that. 

How To Use Vintage Cutco Knife Sharpener? 

How To Use Vintage Cutco Knife Sharpener

Some chefs like to collect vintage sharpeners such as a Cutco sharpener. You can even buy those vintage sharpeners online. But how to use an old Cutco knife sharpener? The sliding process is almost the same as using the new Cutco sharpener. 

Although the knife placing slot is a little different. Here’s the process.

  • You have to clean the knife before sharpening,  it’s mandatory.
  • After placing the sharpener on a surface, put the knife in slot 1 on the sharpener. 
  • Tilt the knife and slide in the same method as the new one described above.
  • In the old sharpener, you have to slide the knife at least 10 times. If your knife is extremely dull, you may need to slide it several more times. 
  • Then, you have to place the knife in slot 2. And slide the knife 10 more times here. 
  • Now, for refining the edge, slide the knife once on slots 1 and two each. 
  • Now you have to sharpen the tip of the knife. For that, raise the handle holding the curved edge of the knife against the abrasive wheel. And slide the edge a little. 
  • The cleaning process is the same as the new sharpener. 

So, that’s how you use an old Cutco knife sharpener. Some chefs also like to use whetstones for sharpening knives. If you prefer that, always use a good quality whetstone. Otherwise, the sharpening wouldn’t be precise. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can You Sharpen Cutco Serrated Knives? 

Yes, you can sharpen Cutco serrated knives. And for sharpening those serrated knives, you can use a Cutco knife sharpener. You can use a whitestone or a ceramic honing stone for that too.

Which Is Better Serrated Or Straight Blade?

For slicing purposes, serrated knives are better. Also, they get dull less often than straight blades. But the straight blades are better for more precise cutting and chopping.

What’s The Best Way To Sharpen A Knife?

The best way for sharpening a knife is to use a knife sharpener. They are easy to use and gentle on your knives. You can use a sharpening rod or a sharpening stone too.

How Often Does A Knife Need Sharpening?

A knife needs sharpening every 2-3 months if you are a home chef. If you are a professional and need to cut bones and stuff, it won’t be enough. In that case, sharpen the knife every 1 month. Also, it is recommended to go to professionals for sharpening the knife once a year.


I hope now you know how to use Cutco knife sharpener. It’s actually a really easy process. You just need some practice. 

Don’t forget about cleaning everything after sharpening. And go for professional sharpening once a year. For Cutco knives it’s free. 

That’s all for now. Be safe while dealing with blades. And have a good day.

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