How To Fix A Warped Cutting Board: 4 Easy Methods

Got ready for an intense chopping session and noticed your favorite cutting board is wrapped. For some chefs, the warped board may not be an issue. But for most, it’s really bothersome. 

And it’s not realistic to buy a new cutting board as it’s a little warped.

So, how to fix a warped cutting board? 

Almost always, just flipping the cutting board over for a few days solves the problem. For an instant solution, you can soak the board in warm water and pressurize it. Or, you can go for the heating or steaming method. But these two methods can crack your cutting board if you aren’t careful enough. 

Don’t start with the straightening process yet. You need to know the methods in detail before performing. Or your precious cutting board can get ruined. So read the full article first. 

How To Fix A Warped Cutting Board? 

how to fix a warped cutting board

No matter which material your cutting board is made of, it can still get warpers. For example, some use rubberwood cutting boards. They can get warped too. 

Warp in a cutting border can not be a reason to throw it away. And what if the cutting board is a special gift? Don’t worry. I have some solutions for you by which you can fix your warped cutting board. 

Let’s get into the straightening methods. 

Method 1: Flip And Wait

This is the simplest method of fixing a warping board. Also, for this method, you are going to need almost zero effort. Follow the steps below. 

  • Flip the cutting over. 
  • For some days, keep the warped cutting board like this.
  • If you want, you can use the cutting board this way.
  • After 10-15 days, you may notice the board has straightened out. It can take more time. 

The warp mainly occurs because of the excess humidity on one side of the board. So, keeping the other side exposed for some days balances out the moisture on both sides. Although this method will work for plastic boards too. 

But the method takes a few days. You can’t expect to see the result instantly. Also sometimes this method may not work. So, if you want an instant solution, try the next method. 

Method 2: Soak And Press

This method is less time-consuming and for a more prominent bend. Let’s start with the process. 

  • Take hot water in a large bucket. The bucket should be large enough to submerge fully in the water. 
  • Put the cutting board into the water
  • Soak the cutting board in the water for 2-3 hours. If the cutting board is very thick, you may need to soak the board overnight. 
  • Remove the cutting board out of the bucket and use a napkin to dry it. The cutting board will be a little wait even after drying. But that’s helpful. 
  • Place the cutting board on a surface in u shape. Place another straight board onto it. The second board should be big enough to fully surround the cutting board. 
  • Put something with heavy weight onto the board. It can be a dumble or heavy book or anything. 
  • After a couple of hours check the cutting board. It should be straight by now. 

This method will help you with wooden or bamboo cutting boards. Your cutting board can be with or without a groove. That is not anything you have to consider for the process. 

But how to fix a warped plastic cutting board? I am discussing that in the next method.

Method 3: Steam And Press

This method is a little risky. Because it can crack your cutting board. But for prominent bends, it’s a more effective result. And this method can be used in plastic cutting boards too. Here’s the process. 

  • Take the tallest pot you can find. Fill the pot ⅓ with water. 
  • Place a steaming colander above the pot. And start boiling the water. 
  • Place the chopping board on top of the colander when the water starts steaming. The bump on the board should be on the bottom. 
  • Steam the board for an hour or two. You will notice the board is getting straightened. Because the steam will help the board to expand. 
  • After steaming, place the board on a surface. And as the 2nd method, place heavy weight onto it. 

That’s the whole process. But make sure the water boils in low heat. And make sure the cutting board isn’t too close to the stove. Or the board can get cracked.

There is a different method you can try if you don’t wanna bother with boiling water. Let’s get into that. 

Method 4: Iron The Board

In this strategy, you will need a cloth iron and a kitchen towel. Let’s see the process. 

  • Place the cutting board on a straight surface. Keep the bump on the bottom. 
  • Place the wet kitchen towel on the board.
  • Press the iron on the towel. Keep pressing it for some time. Put the iron in moderate heat. You can put some pressure on the board.

The combination of moisture, heat, and pressure will help the board get straightened. 

So, these are the methods to fix a warped cutting board

How Can You Protect A Chopping Board From Warping? 

How Can You Protect A Chopping Board From Warping

You can use some tricks to prevent your precious cutting board from getting warped. Such as – 

  • Don’t put the cutting board in a dishwasher. Always try to hand wash it.
  • Always remove the excess water after washing the board. Pat a dry towel for this.
  • Don’t lay the cutting board down on a surface after cleaning. Hang it somewhere.
  • Some mineral oil helps your wooden cutting board fight against excess moisture. You can try John Taylor Mineral Oil or Caron & Doucet mineral oil. They both are great. 
  • If you are using a plastic board, don’t keep it near the fire surface. 
  • And if you make a cutting board by yourself, seal it with a beeswax coating. It will help the cutting board last longer. 

By following these easy hacks, you can save your cutting board from warping. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why Is My Wooden Cutting Board Warping?

Excess moisture is the main cause of why your cutting board is warping. When the cutting board gets soaked in water for a long time it gathers excess moisture. Also, not oiling your cutting board can cause this too. Plastic boards get warped when they get exposed to excess heat. 

Can You Use Olive Oil For Cutting Boards?

No, you can not use olive oil for the cutting board. In fact, you can’t use any cooking oil for it. Because the oil will go rancid. And that will make your board smell unpleasant. You can use food-grade mineral oil on your wooden chopping board. 

What Happens If You Dont Oil Cutting Board?

If you don’t oil a cutting board, it will absorb too much moisture. And after some days, it will get warped. Also, not oiling can lead the cutting board to dry out and crack. 

Does Butcher Block Warp?

Yes, butcher blocks can sometimes get warped. Sometimes the coating used in butcher blocks isn’t distributed all over. Those exposed parts absorb excess moisture and cause the block to get warped. 


I hope now you get the full idea of how to fix a warped cutting board. You are free to select the method you want to go for. Also, don’t forget to follow the hacks to prevent the chopping board from damaging or warping.

That’s all for now. Cut and chop safely. And have a good day.

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