Sharp Microwave Drawer Not Heating? [Solved]

You wanted to bake some muffins and suddenly realized your sharp microwave drawer was not heating. I can only imagine how irritated you are right now.

What should you do now that your sharp microwave drawer not heating?

Your microwave drawer probably has a ruined diode. Otherwise, there could be a burnt-out capacitor, transformer, or magnetron. A number of things may have gone wrong. So, finding the issue is vital. Fixing or replacing the faulty part should fix it. Contact a mechanic if it still does not work.

That’s kind of a basic idea about how to fix your sharp microwave drawer. In the forthcoming sections, I will help you figure out what’s actually wrong with your microwave.

Sharp Microwave Drawer Not Heating: Solution

Sharp Microwave Drawer Not Heating

There are a handful of reasons why your sharp microwave drawer not heating up. I will tell you all about them, from most to least common. For each reason, I will provide a fix. So, without further ado, let us get to work.

Reason One: A Burnt Out Diode

The diode converts the A/C power output of the transformer to D/C. This boosts the voltage to roughly 5,000 volts. The magnetron, which heats your food, is powered by this high voltage. 

If the diode fails, the magnetron will not be able to work. For this reason, the microwave display will not work. This is the most prevalent explanation for your Sharp microwave oven not heating.


When a diode fails, most of the time it is visibly burned out. Inspect the diode and replace it. 

But if inspecting the diode is inconclusive, then you have to test it to confirm it. You can put it to the test with a 9-volt battery-powered multimeter. Or you can connect a 9-volt battery in series with the diode. 

If you do have a burned diode, call a mechanic to have it replaced. The microwave capacitor contains a high voltage, so it’s not safe for you to handle it. 

Summary: A burnt-out diode won’t let a microwave heat up. Repairing or replacing the diode will fix the problem.

Reason Two: A Burnt-Out Magnetron

The magnetron generates the microwave frequency that cooks the food using high voltage, high current DC power. Thus, a faulty magnetron is the culprit behind your sharp microwave oven drawer not heating.


A damaged magnetron can’t be repaired. You must replace it. If you have to replace a damaged magnetron, then you must call a mechanic. A fatal amount of power can be stored in its high-voltage capacitor. It does not go away even after you turn off the electricity.

Summary: A burnt-out magnetron causes your oven to fail. You must replace a magnetron if you have a bad one.

Reason Three: Drawer Not Closing

Did you check if your oven drawer is closing or not? If you haven’t, you should. A Sharp microwave drawer won’t turn on if the drawer is not closing properly. If the drawer is closing but your microwave won’t start, then you might have other issues.  


Check if any obstacles are causing the problem. If you can figure out what’s wrong, you should be able to fix it yourself. If you can’t, you’d better call a mechanic.

Summary: Check if your microwave drawer is closing properly or not. If it isn’t, then try to fix it yourself, or call a mechanic.

Reason Four: Capacitor Not Working

A damaged capacitor could be the reason why your Sharp microwave oven not working. The capacitor, with the diode, converts the transformer output to DC and doubles the output. If the capacitor fails, the entire circuit will fail. As a result, the microwave will not heat.

To test if your capacitor is okay, you need a VOM meter with capacitance testing capability. If you want one, then you can check its price on Amazon. 


If you have a ruined capacitor, I would recommend that you hire a mechanic. Capacitors store a high amount of voltage. So, it should be handled by a professional.  

Summary: A faulty capacitor can be the reason why your Sharp microwave is not heating food. So, call a mechanic to replace or repair the capacitor.

Reason Five: Transformer Not Working

Is there a burning smell coming from your microwave drawer? If so, then it might be the transformer that’s not working. You might also notice that the microwave burner not lighting.


This issue should be handled by a professional mechanic. It’s very dangerous to try this yourself. Because microwaves store a high amount of electricity even if they are turned off.

Summary: If you can trace a burning smell coming from the oven, it’s your faulty transformer. To fix this, you should find a professional mechanic. 

Reason Six: Thermal Fuse

Thermal fuses protect your microwave from overheating. If the microwave overheats, the thermal fuse stops power to it. You can use a multimeter to check if the thermal fuse is okay or not. Here is a video tutorial on how to check if the fuse is working.


There is no way to fix a thermal fuse. So, you must replace it. Once again, get professional help if you need to change this.

Reason Seven: Main Control Board

So, you have confirmed that all the other parts of your microwave are working. But still, the Sharp drawer microwave not working. That means it could be the main control board.

Although this is a very rare situation. And it’s very common to misdiagnose control boards. So, you must make sure all the other components are working.


Replace your main control board with the help of a licensed professional.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I reset a Sharp microwave?

If you would like to reset the clock, first you must unplug the oven. Then wait for 15 seconds and re-plug it. This should reset the clock on your sharp microwave oven.

Does a Sharp microwave have a fuse?

Yes, Sharp microwaves have a fuse. In fact, all microwaves have fuses. It protects your microwave from overheating. When the oven overheats, the fuse stops power to it.

How long does a microwave last?

An average microwave can last up to seven to eight years. But with a heavy workload and poor maintenance, it might last even less. If that’s the case, you may have to replace parts within four to five years. Or might even have to buy a new one.

Will the microwave turn on if the fuse is blown?

No, the microwave will not turn on if the fuse is blown. Fuses protect your microwave from overheating. If the microwave overheats, the thermal fuse stops power to it. So, once the fuse blows it will not work.


I’ve gone through all you needed to know about why your sharp microwave drawer not heating up. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below. 

I thrive on your feedback.

I hope you have been able to fix your microwave problem. Which option did you find to be effective, by the way? Tell me that too.  

I’ll be leaving now. But don’t worry, I will come back with simple solutions for difficult problems.

Until then, stay safe and take care!

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