Kitchenaid Microwave Display Not Working: Solved Here!

Who doesn’t need to heat the food at midnight or any other time? We all need it, right? You’ll feel disturbed if you see anything wrong while heating the food or cooking.

In a situation like this, you’re wondering Kitchenaid microwave display not working.

If your microwave’s door is open, you need to close the door properly. Also, another problem is power flow. So, make sure the microwave is getting enough power without any interruption. The wires inside of the microwave can remain displaced, or the control board can be entirely damaged.

You’ll get a long explanation in this article. I provide every potential problem that can occur for which the microwave’s display is not working. 

Also, I have discussed the troubleshooting steps for your convenience. You’ll get some extra tips as your bonus to maintain the microwave for a long time.  

So, what’re you waiting for? Let’s get started.

The Common Reasons And Solutions for Kitchenaid Microwaves Not Working

Kitchenaid Microwave Display Not Working

There can be anything for which your microwave’s display is not working. But initially, you won’t be able to find the specific reason for not working. 

A microwave is a sophisticated piece of machinery. Well, I will request you to have some patience. And figure out the issues and resolve them in a shorter time.

Reason 1: The Door Is Not Fully Closed

Your microwave’s digital display may not be working for not closing the door properly. This could be the very first reason. 


You have to make sure that the latch of the door is not blocked. Make sure that the dish you’re using is correct in size. The door will not be closed if your dish is bigger than the microwave’s capacity. 

Now, check the cooking rack is allowing the door to be closed. 

Well, to prevent accidental microwave operation, a cooking function cannot be started until the microwave oven door has been closed for about 5 minutes. The word  ‘door’ will be displayed on the screen until the door is open and closed.

Reason 2: No Power Supply

As simple as it is. No power, no display. So, you need to ensure your microwave is getting enough power supply. Or maybe the power supply is faulty. If the power supply is not proper, it’ll show no display on the Kitchenaid microwave. 


Now, to solve this, make sure the power cord is plugged into a working outlet. If the outlet is easily accessible and you’re not sure about its performance. 

Then you can test it by plugging it into a small device that you know works with a similar power cord. 

Again, check to see if a fuse or the circuit breaker has blown. Any machinery with a heating mechanism needs ample power. Also, a blown fuse or breaker will cause the oven’s drawer to stop heating. So make your gfci circuit breaker is not tripping and has the proper insulation.

Reason 3: Having Lose Wires

If the power is alright, the issue may lay inside the control board or in the display panel. A faulty wire connection causes clock display problems.


 In order to solve this, you need to take off the control panel. Then, look “under the hood” to see if you can find any issues that might be quickly rectified. 

  • Firstly, remove the microwave’s socket from the connection to avoid unexpected problems. The capacitor of the microwave can store voltage for a long time, even after unplugging. So, be alter of that.
  • Now, find out the mounting screws from the front vent and the top front of the microwave. 
  • Then, take off the screws to open the door and draw the vent apart. You’ll see additional mounting screws, which help to secure the panel. Well, carefully remove the screws. 
  • Now, pluck the panel open, compelling any clips and the edges. You’ll find wires that connect both the microwave and the panel. Try to disconnect the wires and reconnect them again. 

Also, the loosened wires can be fixed through this process. 

  • Then, close the board and click the clips after securing the wires. 
  • Now,  go back to the mounting screws and vice versa. Well, give it a try now by plugging the microwave’s back. The touchscreen display of the Kitchenaid microwave should work now. 

Reason 4: Damaged Control Panel

Damaged Control Panel

Nothing has worked till now? Don’t get upset.  Well, I suspect your microwave’s panel is damaged, just like frequently your smoker has a faulty panel. Now, go through the troubleshooting steps below.


In this situation, you have two options to solve the issue:

  • You can find out the faulty electrical component and can fix it 
  • Again, you can replace the panel. To do this, you have to look for actual information about the brand’s repair and microwave model. Because there is a difference of microwave’s mounted above. 
  • For changing a control panel, you should have a great idea about the position of mounting screws and the clips. 
  • Now, order the same control panel for the microwave. Otherwise, it won’t be working.
  • If you’re comfortable enough to do that perfectly, then hats off to you. Otherwise, you might need to call appliance repairs. A professional technician can do it with more ease than you. He knows thousands of tricks to fix the replacement. 
  • Lastly, do remember to unplug the microwave before performing the repair. 

Still Not Fixed?

After finishing all of the troubleshooting steps, is your microwave display still not shaking? 

Then you might be trying to fix something that is already damaged. 

Well, in such a situation, get in touch with your seller and try to know about your warranty. If you are lucky enough and have time to get a replacement, then take a chill pill.  

Otherwise, I hate to tell you that you need to spend money again to buy a new microwave.

Actually, the individual parts replacement can cause you to suffer more than buying a new one. Because a whole new one may cost lesser than buying valuable single parts.

But if your control board is damaged, you have no other options other than having a new addition.

Some Recommendations to Maintain Your Microwave!

Maintain Your Microwave

Who doesn’t want to make their microwave last longer? Everyone, right? But you can’t do it anyway. 

Well, nothing comes for free in life. You need to maintain some measures which prove that you love your microwave.

Here I go with some pretty useful measures. You need to ensure while using the precious toy that you want it in your life for the long run.

  • Do you want to use your microwave for so long? Well, keep it clean as much as possible.
  • Don’t put metal, silver, or aluminum foil dishware into your microwave.
  • Watch out for running an empty microwave. Because it can severely damage your microwave. 
  • Keeping the microwave close to the wall is the worst. Because doing so can cause heat dissipation to be disturbed. Consequently, it takes much time to cool down. 
  • Avoid slamming the microwave’s door. It can damage the exterior or door.
  • You should seek technician help whenever needed. For any mechanical or electrical failures, ask for professional help. So, don’t be lazy to call a serviceman. Otherwise, it can cause permanent damage.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do all microwaves have fuses?

All microwaves have several types of fuses. They all are safe options. Among them, there is a main fuse that cuts the power flow if too much current passes. On the other hand, there is a thermal fuse. If the fuse is heated to a specific level of temperature, then it prevents electrical flow.

Is it worth repairing a microwave?

Go for repair if it is new and the repair cost is less than buying a new one. But, you shouldn’t repair it if a major component of it is damaged. It might cause you to spend a lot of money then just get a new one.

How many fuses does a microwave have?

There is a main fuse and a thermal fuse in every microwave. The main fuse has a rectangular type shape, which is narrow. Also, it is two inches long and has ceramic or glass material. On the other hand, the thermal fuse is black and comparatively larger.

Final thoughts

I hope you got to know the reason and solution for your Kitchenaid microwave not working.

I know it’s hard to spend a day without a microwave. So, if you figure out the reason and fix it, then it’s wonderful. If you can’t, then all I can suggest you to look for a new one.

We’re wrapping up here. Have safe microwave cooking, and have a great day.

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